FRC 180 S.P.A.M. 2012 Robot Testing Video

2012 Robot testing video



Looks good! Can’t wait to see all of my SPAM friends at Orlando in just a couple weeks :smiley: going to be a great regional!

Nice, consistent shooter (I assume there is some software magic behind it). The speeded up video did give a weird vibe to the video, though.

Love that the 2002 bot is still running. That thing was awesome.

Some specs on this year’s to-be-named SPAM creation:

Wide orientation
4 CIMs in AM shifting gearboxes
6 4" wheels “West Coast” style

Ball Acquisition-
High-speed, small-diameter intake roller

Ball Indexing-
Polycord on PVC rollers
Automatic sorting with sensors

2 FP motors driving 2 sets of 6" AM wheels
Camera targeting adjusts alignment and RPM

Powered by the van door motor
Used for crossing the barrier
Used for raising, lowering, and balancing the bridge

The robot as shown is about 90% complete. Missing are our decals, team numbers, and super secret weapon.

Come on, Cory. You should know Fluffy will never die.

Looks good guys. I like the rear intake opposite the shooter to collect and shoot the tipped balls off the coop bridge during autonomous. Looks like it will cross the bump? How did you set your bridge up? Is it tweaked to mimic the competition bridge?

OH YEAH!!! Look at that beast! lol. so looking forward to my first FRC regional with SPAM! (there shall be mad raving from me and Frannie :smiley: )

S P A M SPAM SPAM SPAM. Wish we were going to see you guys this year. Hopefully at the championship again!

Yes we cross the bump using the flipper.
Yes that bridge is tweaked to the competition bridge or very close to it, you should see the amount of weight ziptied underneath it.

Another amazing SPAM robot. I’m expecting great things for you all in 2012

More info on super secret weapon please… :slight_smile:

Awesome job, as always! I love it. :slight_smile:

Patience, Grasshopper. You’ll see it in about a week.

Or you could ask Nathan. He visited us a couple days ago…

Super secret weapon ???

Man, I skip a couple of meetings and you guys go nuts!!!

Krumm is a pretty nice looking robot.

They even have some paint on it. :eek:

...shhhhhhhh!    you guys!    :D

yes where is this said “secret weapon”… oh how i hate FRC and Softball seasons conflicting…:mad:

…some assembly required. We had to drop the cryo-magnets since they exceeded the $400/item limit. However the “PC” is ready for installation on Krumm.

Eric… :mad:

I thought we agreed that since the VP is such a VIP we’d the PC on the QT. 'Cause if it leaks to the VC and he goes MIA we’ll all be put on KP.


…:yikes: …well… now that it’s OT, we might be able to implement QT on the PC on the QT :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations for being the number one seed, finalists, and winning the Industrial Design Award in Orlando this past weekend! Best of luck at the South Florida Regional, where I’m sure you’ll once again be one of the top contenders.

What was the source for the ring light you used for the camera? It was by far the brightest light I saw at the competition and I loved the way its reflection off the backboard was visible to your drivers.