FRC 180 S.P.A.M. 2013 Reveal Video

For those of you who missed the Premiere Night with Mike and Justin here is Team 180 S.P.A.M.'s Reveal Video.



Great video, and another great bot! How did you guys get the discs up so fast?!

With so many people this season worried about picking up frisbees that are upside-down, I think I’ll be the first to ask this: what are you going to do if the frisbees are right-side up?

I just don’t understand how that floor intake works, but man is that quick and cool. It almost looks like the robot is sucking it through a vacuum cleaner. Can’t wait to see it in action!

The intake is a standard style floating roller intake after a lot of tuning. The part I believe you are inquiring about has been dubbed the “Chuter”. At the bottom rear of the robot on both edges of the disk there is a four inch blue banebots wheel. The one on the starboard side that has the slightly longer shot due to the angle of the chute is powered by a bag motor. The port side is a single banebots 550 into a cimulator. The disks are shot into a hopper in the top of our robot to the port side of our rear-pivoted quarter-circle shooter.

We have a cut-out slide on the chute so the right-side up disks will hit a passive finger at the top, fall back down in front of us the way we want it then we will pick it up again. The stopper at the top needs an iteration or two, but after-all we need something to work on at competition. :slight_smile:

Whenever I tell the story of getting hooked on FRC ten years ago at Palmetto, SPAM (and their 2004 robot S.A.M.) is always part of the story.

This robot looks like it’ll do that for some newbie just the same. Can’t wait to see you guys in Fort Lauderdale!

You don’t know how happy I was when I saw that someone got the frisbee ramp working as a floor pickup mechanism. We briefly (20 mins) prototyped it but it didn’t seem like to it would work well with right side up discs. Great job.

You guys must have a lot of fun with Hot Wheels ramps then. Thats exactly what I thought of when I saw the video.