FRC 1806 Code Releases

Hello everyone,

Team 1806 made the decision to switch from LabVIEW to Java a few months ago. Since then, the team has been hard at work learning Java and recoding previous years’ robots.

Code for our 2015 robot can be found here.

[INDENT]This code is nearly fully functional, mostly due to the fact that our 2015 robot was fully intact when we began writing the Java code.[/INDENT]

Code for our 2014 robot can be found here.

[INDENT]This code is for our 2014 robot’s 2 speed, 6 CIM drivetrain. Despite the lack of functional mechanisms on the robot, the code is still full of features, including autoshifting, data logging and dead/disconnected motor detection.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Jared Russell for helping us get started with Java. We initially reached out to him asking for help on where to begin, and from there he was helpful in answering every question we had to ask.

I’d also like to thank every team that releases previous years’ robot code publicly. Those are fantastic resources, and they were integral in our learning of Java.

We are very open to comments and criticisms! We weren’t so much looking for the best way to do things as we were figuring out how to just do them. :o

Thank you for taking an interest in our work!