FRC 1923 Level 3 Hab Teaser


Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors, are proud to present a teaser for our Level 3 Hab Climb. Our goal was to create a climb that took up as little space on the platform as possible to maximize our endgame point total. We do not react off the sides of the platform in any way.

Check out our competition robot complete a Level 3 Hab Climb when our reveal video is posted here and later on the FIRSTtv Build Season Celebration show.

Check out our shop tour and a walkthrough of the rest of our practice robot on the FIRSTinspires Twitch channel!


Glad we’re not the only team using dumpster fires.


#TeamDumpsterFire #NoBenchGrinder


Suction cups? :thinking:
Suction cups.



I prefer to believe it’s magic.


So satisfaying to watch. (Specially the dumpster in fire)


Suction cups? :thinking:
Suction cups.



You merely adopted the dumpster fire. Our robot was born in it, molded by it.




That’d be one heck of a counterweight.


Yeah I doubt that’s actually it.

Maybe they require another robot to be on level 3 and they have a thin plate that the other robot sits on.


Do you have a way of ensuring that you stay above the level 3 height once you climb? It looked like at the end of the video you were rocking back and forth a bit and the bumper could have been below the height limit.

(If you’re willing to reveal this information, of course)


This makes me wondering if we are going to see 3 robots on level 3 this season, after seeing this i think it can happen. Those 36 points would almost be an garanteed win. Looking forward to see how it works.


Black Magic Sorcery of course. All joking aside, can’t wait to see what you guys came up with!


Two things will be implemented to make it totally clear that the bumpers are above L3:

  1. The test bumpers shown in the video are not at the maximum allowable height. The real bumpers will be ~1.0"-1.5" higher which will clearly put them above the surface of the platform.

  2. We will be adding a brake mechanism to make sure we hold that position indefinitely once the robot is disabled at T=0

With those two modifications we are confident that it will be abundantly clear that we are above L3 even at T+5.


We also will be using a brake mechanism for the exact same purpose. This is what we got:

Like Jared said, glad someone else is using dumpster fires :sunglasses:


Appears as though this requires a partner on level 3 already?


Excited to see the final product, looks like whatever it is, it’s fast, enough time to get that last second hatch/cargo score