FRC 2007 scouting program from team 527

Well although it may seem a bit late you have to realize that my team goes to the SPBLI regional, which at the time I’m writing this is exactly 9 days 22 hours 29 minutes and 9 seconds away (gotta love windows vista gadgets). with that said i would like to direct you to ( which contains the first few screen shots of our custom scouting program. The last few bugs will be worked out sometime this week, hopefully by tomorrow. Anyone interested should check back on that blog to see when the program is released. The source code will not be available until after the championships most likely (we need to clean up the code a bit). I’m posting here because i want to spread the word around. I’ll post again in this thread when we release the program. We are going to add an addition text field to allow you to record what spider legs the robot usually goes for. As well as a standalone program that my good friend Ron developed that will allow you to search through the database with filters. That will also hopefully be released tomorrow. Feedback is greatly appreciated, if you think we should have ways of recording other data please say so!!

P.S- Once the source file is released, it can be used in future games because the way in which is stores information is completely open ended.

  • Phil

The program is now live, check Here for the link to download the file. If you have any errors please post them here!!

No errors? Either our programming skills are better then we thought, or no ones using the program. :smiley:

This happened when I tried to type in the team number box…

This release does not support adding/parsing team information that way, instead use the “add team” function to add teams to the combo box, or select the team number from the drop down list to parse the information. The next release of the program will be out within a week, and it should fix that problem. But thank you for posting this!

Aha… Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Check the blog, theres new stuff coming soon, VERRY SOON :smiley:

EDIT: when i said SOON i wasn’t kidding, the second release of the program is now available. check for the link. The add on will be released as soon as we work out the last bug.