Frc 2008 Robots

just to see what every one is up against can everyone who has pictures of their bot post a link, or picture:D](javascript::wink:

is it a launcher?

right you are my friend

here is avideo of our official proto type

Just so you know some teams have posted pictures and videos of their robots in the Extra Discussion Forum if you would like to see what others have accomplished. No pictures yet from my team.

By the way welcome to CD!

you gotta tune the pickup mech way down! in competition that balls gonna be flyin all over when you try to pick it up!

Ours is on the website

cool bot got any videos

Aren’t you suppose to have bumpers all around your robot?

yes you are right
its probabaly a prototype
We have more pictures and videos of our bot on the website , FRC#2587

We don’t have any pictures of the robot picking up balls but those should be coming up soon. So keep checking the site!

Heh, that’s very similar to one of my first concepts i drew up at the beginning of the season. Very nice work 1726.

How exactly are you guys getting that track ball to fly that far? We have been using 60psi and been getting around four feet high.

Read this thread for details on how our mechanism works.

Good luck!

I thought this was your prototype:confused:. How is that sweet powder blue machine we saw earlier coming?

Thanks again for the tips on the pneumatics’s preload. That was a huge help:D

Yes, this is the prototype. The blue competition bot is coming along nicely (a little too nicely, I think. Our robots aren’t supposed to look this good…) The team has decided not to post any progress pics of the real thing until late sixth week, so you will have to wait for that.

Actually, the picture that CCCP posted is our prototype. As of now, we are constructing our final competition robot. We’ll be posting pictures sometime next week (or perhaps this weekend) when it’s completely fabricated.

Here’s hoping for an exciting competition season!

Here’s pictures from our build season. Latest photos of our forklift system are in the Week 4 gallery :stuck_out_tongue:

2/3 of the perimeter, or the polygon formed by perimeter… Check the Official [i]FIRST Q&A if unsure.

wow, you guys basically build 2 robots… we normally build 1 robot 5 times… This year isn’t bad though, we only prototyped our hurdler, over and over and over again. But most of this years bot we are using things we have done before and know will work.