FRC 2011 cRio

I am having problems connecting and imaging my cRio after I apply the 2011 FRC v25 image. Any ideas?

Pat Cunningham

Could you please explain the problems in detail? Any error messages? Make sure your network and other components are configured as per the manual.

I have done all diagnostic things such as different network cards, and different computers, and the only thing that I can think of for the problem is the, 2011 driver station update, the 2011 labview update, or the 2011 v25 crio image update.

I’m not sure what you’re exact problem is, but I do know that if you install the 2011 LabView update over the 2010 software, you will get a bunch of random errors when you try to deploy code.

We forgot to install the full 2011 LabView software first, and everything appeared fine until trying to deploy code for the first time.

If this is the case, uninstall LabView completely (Be sure to select all of the parts in the “Uninstall” window) and reinstall using the 2011 DVD.

TD912, I’m curious, what type of errors were you seeing?

There was this comment in the “Getting_Started_with_the_2011_FRC_Control_System_Rev_A.pdf”
“If you currently have National Instruments software on your PC, it will not interfere with that installation. However it will install over another version of LabView 8.6.”

This led us to believe you didn’t need to do an uninstall of LV 8.6, 2010, before installing the 2011 version. So we installed 2011 LabView right over the 2010 version, works fine, can deploy code, but can’t seem to successfully set it as startup code. Not sure why. Did you see this issue?

Well if this can help: I am able to connect with the 2010 imaged cRio with the 2011 imaged Classmate. I think its the cRio flash that is the problem, not the classmate.

Likewise, I ran a 2011 cRio with a 2010 classmate, on 2010 LabVIEW (using the 2011 product key) and the 2011 LabVIEW software update, and everything worked fine.

The LabVIEW update has some errors, because the palette points to the old (empty) files (in vi.lib\Robotics Library) instead of vi.lib\Rock Robotics. The new library has an annoying “Safey Update” feature which will spawn a new thread for each device, and kill the output if you don’t update it fast enough (I guess its a fix to the Watchdog, but I honestly liked the Watchdog more). I have found no functional difference in any features (yet).

I did, however, find what might be an FPGA image bug here. It could be me doing something wrong, or it could be a bug in the library, too.

What about the new safety update feature do you find annoying? You can disable the safety update feature and go back to using the watchdog. We left that as a possibility for people who hold your opinion. I am curious as to why you don’t like it. Any feedback will help us to improve the interface and functionality.


We had an installation of LabView 2009 for FTC that hasn’t been used much (we have another computer for FTC), and LabView 8.6 for 2010 FRC. Someone accidentally installed a 2011 update, not the full version, over the 2010 version, and whenever code was was ran or deployed we would get a “Microsoft C++ Runtime Error” saying something similar to “The program was called to terminate unexpectedly” and then LabView would crash.

I’m not 100% sure what caused the problem, but uninstalling all versions of LV (2009, 8.6 2010, 8.6 2011) and reinstalling 2011 worked fine.