FRC 2011 v25 cRIO image

For the life of me I am unable to find the location of v25 cRIO image. any assistance on this matter? opening up the image tool shows no images available.

Usually that means the required language update hasn’t been installed.

We had this same issue last night, and that’s when I realized our students didn’t read and do every line in the Getting Started series of manuals. There is a line under “Install LabVIEW 8.6.1 and Associated Components”, number 8 which says “Install updates, see above”.

Its incredibly easy to miss, and it also doesn’t have a link to the updates either. You probably just need to install the Labview Utilities update from NI, located here:

I would also make sure you got the other updates on this page installed.

We ran into an issue after this that we couldn’t resolve last night that would not allow the cRIO to properly image, just return an error 56. There’s a topic one of the students posted up here that we’ll try the solutions posted there tonight. I am unsure if the order of updates and installation is important, so you may end up in the same place we are now.

We are having this same problem (programmers are off to a slow start). The Imaging tool shows no images to load. We have installed, updated, un/reinstalled, and reupdated.


We are planning to develop in Windriver, we have installed the LabVIEW and tools from the DVD, and run the LabVIEW and Utilities updates (I assumed the DriverStation update is only for computers we plan to use at the driver station).

And you installed from the Windriver DVD.

And you installed the Windriver Update?

No need for the driver station unless you want to use it locally.

Yes, and yes. We just don’t see an image file in the list area where you’d pick one.

Is the cRIO Imaging Tool set to Windriver?
It won’t show up if the wrong language is selected, because there are different unique images for the three major programming environments.

Here’s where the images for each of the languages is supposed to reside.

See if your’s is in the Windriver folder.

Thanks, I’ll have the team check the location!