FRC 2012 Beta (Team 1718 cRIO Imaging)

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I spent today working with the 2012 cRIO Imaging Tool. The Imaging Tool is actually very straightforward (like it has always been), but I spent three hours reimaging the cRIO because I forgot to click the ‘Format Controller’ box before I applied the changes (See the ‘2012 Beta cRIO Imaging Tool’ picture).

The biggest change is that the Analog, Digital, and Solenoid modules now have assigned positions. The Analog goes at slot 1, the Digital at slot 2, and the Solenoid at slot 3. Slot 4 is empty, and for the 8 slot cRIO’s, the pattern repeats itself at slot 5.

When you open the new Imaging Tool and it is connected to a cRIO with an outdated image, it will look like everything is fine (See ‘2012 Beta cRIO Imaging Tool’). That is the Imaging Tool just reading the current cRIO image, and the Imaging Tool will change when the cRIO is reimaged (see ‘Imaging Tool (after format)’). By moving your mouse over the slots, the Imaging Tool will tell you what should go where. After that, simply move the modules to the correct slots and the cRIO will be ready for coding (see ‘Imaging Tool (after module rearrangement’).