FRC 2015 Conspiracy?

During a team brainstorming session, a few students noticed some interesting coincidences:

  1. The KOP is sent out in totes.

  2. Warehouses often use totes for holding large quantities of small objects.

  3. Totes are often stacked on pallets in a specific pattern: 3 horizontally and 2 vertically. (comparable to the pattern of LANDFILL)

  4. Warehouses that use these totes often stack them 6 tall.

  5. Floor-based wire covers are often less than two inches tall and 2 feet across, and rarely have a large slope angle (no greater than 25 degrees). (comparable to the SCORING PLATFORMS)

  6. Stacking platforms cause teams to place totes in rows, and maneuver between them.

These previous points can be interpreted to relate this year’s FIRST Competition to actions performed in a warehouse. They still have not figured out how to relate the LITTER or the RECYLCING CONTAINERS to their conspiracy. Possibly to carry out the theme.

Remember, all of this is speculation. Feel free to provide input and other ideas.
*Idea Generated by 4009

For the record, I started this Idea :slight_smile:
Also a business viable for these warehouse robots could be andymark. Andymark has access to almost all parts used on our robot.

Interesting. It’s really a useful game this year actually.

I thought about this too. I think that this year’s game is actually the most practical in terms of designing a more “industrial” machine. The designs from this year will be more applicable in a real world setting than other years that have shooters or kickers, etc…

Well in the kickoff broadcast NASA said that they used design elements from Robonauts’ 2005 Robot to help their robot designs, so I think FIRST is trying to have teams start helping in real-life designs, and warehouse robots could be an option.

Perhaps it’s part of a greater conspiracy to prepare us students for making non-sportsy robots? :yikes:

That’s a bold prediction.

FRC this year is free/cheap child labor for Dean Kamen to invent and patent warehouse automation robots based on this year’s designs.

(kidding, kidding)

Someone brought this up in a different thread, ever notice the sponsor on the yellow totes?


Seems a little too coincidental to me.

This is a very interesting theory though I would like to see how the noodles and the recycle bins tie into it all.

They took a random item generator and used it to determine the third scoring part.

as for the cans,
the garbage dudes are in on this!

Thinking of something like this:

What I find interesting is that the hardest task is recycling. Which I assume is being promoted.
Plus their is a tacit admission that one cannot recycle everything. i.e. 10 litter per side = 20 litter and 10 recycling containers. :confused:

I was thinking along those lines as well. Plus, look at the design of the robots in the article about Amazon’s warehouses at Looks fairly close in size to what FRC builds…

Notice the bright yellow totes moving around…

So many potential cooperation points… :ahh:

Recycle bins, everyone is is trying to be greener.

Pool noodles are a nod to next years water game.

Wasn’t it obvious?

Maybe not dean in the warehouse automation, but close.

You guys are missing a key connection for this conspiracy theory. Your shooter on the grassy knoll.

1999 Game robots hold pillows high. climb on moveable platform/
2000 Invention - Dean’s Ibot wheel chair that can rise up high and climb stairs.

2001 Game Teeter-totter platform robot has to balance on
2001 Invention - the Segway.

It isn’t a conspiracy it is a fact. Dean uses FIRST as a free research/recruiting tool for Deka!

And I think if you think really hard enough you will come to the thought that 2012 can be interpreted to relate the game to a professional sport… I haven’t been able to pick out exactly which one yet