FRC 2015 Field Model Now Available

With the video and manual now public as part of the Kickoff event I have posted the Autodesk Inventor model and a STEP version as follows:

  1. On Dropbox - if you asked to be added to the folder the ZIP files are now posted.

  2. On A360 Drive The field in Autodesk Inventor format The field in STEP format


  1. Most of the parts are grounded in the Inventor assembly. To move the parts remove the grounded check mark from the various parts.

  2. With any STEP file, the assembly is not constrained when imported and the colors may import differently. Use the images in the manual if you want to make the parts the actual color or material

Could someone please export a .stl file for those of us who are stuck away from their CAD computers?

I am just heading out but will post an STL later today if you have not received one by then.

Great Job don

thank you very much!

Hi Phil - Team 2530 thanks you for posting these files!

Thanks for the files.

I get an “Error in reading RSe stream” message and cannot open the Inventor part or assembly files.

I started out with Inventor 2014 SP1 and tried upgrading to SP2 as suggested on the Autodesk website. My current version is Build: 246, Release: 2014 SP2 Update 3.

Any thoughts?

The STEP files worked so I’m good for now.



The file is 2015 version, so it gives you stream error in 2014.

The STEP file is your solution.

Hi Phil,
Its Andy Johnson from Ernest Manning (host location) in Calgary
Met you at the Destination Desktop a few years ago…
not sure which ‘drop box’ we should look at…

We are an Autodesk School and were expecting to find the Field and KOP in the Autodesk Student Community under the link …
Instead we only find the FTC 2015 Field and KOP (First Technical Challeng),
Please assist?


We are providing the KOP and Field Model in 3 locations.

  1. A360 Drive as noted in the links on this thread and the KOP thread.

  2. Dropbox

  3. The Community webpage. As you found out the FRC links are not yet available (hence the A360 and Dropbox options) but they should be up and running later today.

Thank you so much!!! We are a rookie team and this helped me see how well my design would perform. :]

First of all thanks so much for providing the field elements so quickly. That really helps us get a good field visual.

Some suggestions for future year improvements:

  1. Provide more accurate modeling of the field elements we have to interact with. I noticed on the totes there is critical detail that is missing…like some ribs and the pocket under the tote on the long sides. That may be important for some teams that need to use that feature to design grabbers.

  2. Provide inventor format in older versions…at least the latest supported version. The reason is that many of us are crippled by what our schools are using and they often are behind the latest version. The step seems to read in ok but it would be nice to have in native format.


Thanks for the feedback. I have passed along the comments on the Inventor release to the FIRST coordinator at Autodesk.

All the best for the upcoming season.


I used this link for the field CAD file and got a stl file.

Then I went to , and find the only things posted for 2015 are FTC files.

Is there an Inventor native format file for the FRC field that is fully constrained available?



Very odd. I will upload again.

In the meantime, use this link from Dropbox.

I only see the Field model. Can you please post the link for the 2015 FRC KOP?

Available in a number of locations.

  1. As A360 links,
  1. On the Autodesk website, scroll down to Additional Resources,

Agreed, this would be very helpful. We use Inventor for FRC because it’s what they teach in the school and have installed on all of the school computers … but they generally only update the version every 3-4 years. We end up trying to get by with previous versions of KOP parts and .stp’s but it’s frustrating not being able to open the current season’s parts and field.

I’m not sure why .step isn’t giving you everything you need. Certainly asking for full field CAD in a native format for the past 3-4 years is quite the request.

Use the .step, ground everything when you open it. Done deal.