FRC 2015 KOP Now Posted

With the video and manual now public as part of the Kickoff event I have posted the Autodesk Inventor KOP and STEP version as follows:

  1. On Dropbox - if you asked to be added to the folder the ZIP files are now posted.

  2. On A360 Drive - Drive Base - STEP of all files


  1. Most of the parts are grounded in the Inventor assembly. To move the parts remove the grounded check mark from the various parts.

  2. With any STEP file, the assembly is not constrained when imported and the colors may import differently.

I’m having issues opening these files. What version were they created with? I’m getting an Rse stream error. I’m using Inventor 2014. Thanks.

The files are 2015. The STEP version is provided for 2014 users and earlier.

Thank you so much for these files! This will help make Digital Minds’ first competition season a fantastic one.

many thanks for these files and to AutoDesk’s continued support of FIRST!

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the update… there is a team in BC again this year (at Walnut Grove, in Langley), so I’ll be using them to help them out.



Great to hear from you. Let me know if I can be of help.