FRC 2016 Game Manual

Doesn’t FIRST release the game manual in advance with a password? Also isn’t the password usually the game name? This year we already know it in advance due to the game trailer. FIRST will probably solve this, but what do you think the password could.


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Not really, in 2013 it was saucersflyrobotsclimb with some capitalization or symbols thrown in to make it harder to decrypt, in 2014, it was 3zones2goals1alliance or something like that with the same symbols and stuff.

Last year IIRC the manual was released a week or two before kickoff so we still have time.

The encrypted manual is usually released less than a week before Kickoff. The encryption is rated as secure for days, as I recall.

The password is some combination of letters and numbers, often something to do with the game (but NOT repeat NOT the game name).

Even the one year the password was released early it didn’t help. “Vets hurdling FIRST tetras” unscrambled to DriveStraightTurnLeft (where * is a punctuation mark that I don’t recall, and wasn’t included in the original) back in '08 (Game Hint #3). Not that anybody figured that one out.

Last year, the password was a leet version of the game name, but the only part of the name that had been hinted was the recycle container into which the 2014 game manual had been tossed. Given the apparent straight-up reveal of the game name for 2016, I expect that the password will involve game mechanics or other details (similar to SaucersFlyRobotsClimb or 3zones2goals1alliance).

How long have manual passwords been around? I’ve hunted down the 2005-2015 ones (below if you’re interested), but did they exist before that? And if they did, does anyone know them? It’d be nice to add to my list.

2005: 3XTr1pl3play2oo5
2006: S1x240JrTBmsqf95DL06FdsTM33H
2007: 7sBg8H4x2f3R9C3tm5
2008: Drive!Straight?Turn!Left
2009: 1GiantLeap4FRC
2010: Breakaway4FRC!
2011: 5Time4For3Robots2To1Dance!
2012: HotShots!KnowBalance!
2013: sAucersFlyRobotsClimb!
2014: 3Zones2Goals1Alliance!
2015: R3C3CL3RU$H2015

I think there was a huge argument thread about cracking the password that came up a while ago, so let’s be careful here.
Basically, it’s not moral to go and crack it (if you even could, which you probably can’t).

We already decided several Big Bangs could occur before you brute forced every possible password.

Anyways, they release the game manual a few days before kickoff so you have a few days to acquire it from the FIRST website. The whole day of kickoff the FIRST website already runs at the slowest of snails pace. Imagine if everyone was pinging it to download the manual at once

I was told that the encrypted game manual should be posted today or tomorrow on the FRC website. With the more complex and unorganized website being a problem for me ( :wink: ), does anyone know if the game manual has been posted yet? Thanks

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We’ll keep waiting…

Here is where you can check for the game manual being posted, and pick up the admin manual while you wait:

They already posted the password-- 9328490238209. So they are delaying posting the manual as long as possible so no one figures it out. It is on the internet so it has to be true. ::rtm::

I’m really starting to get concerned with the fact that it hasn’t been released yet. I wonder if they have increased their server capacity to handle thousands of people trying to access it at once… If not, it will take forever to get a copy…

If you watched the FUN Spotlight, Frank said they just finalized the game Monday or Tuesday. I’m sure part of that was also the manual.

I seem to recall it wasn’t too bad last year…

Actually it was Wednesday. The stream was on Tuesday and he said the game is finalized tomorrow meaning 1/6/16.

So the game has been done for a day. I assume there are a few people checking everything over to check for grammatical errors so I am going to guess it will be released tonight or tomorrow. If the release is on Saturday along with the game I beg someone to download it and put it on drive, or something of that nature temporarily I know its not the greatest thing to do but, for people like me at remote kickoff locations downloading the manual right away is next to impossible.

I was a little surprised the encryption test did not come out yesterday. Usually that proceeds the encrypted manual by a day or two. I agree that the manual will probably come out tonight or tomorrow morning.

Since it has been confirmed that it is a water game this year, I’m guessing that with the recent rain in California, they are relaxing the water usage rules.

I plan on posting the manual on my Google Docs account, and letting the team download it from there.

How so?

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