FRC 2016 :: Team 1418 :: Weasel bot Preview #2 (The Winch)

This is our end of week 3 progress. We have the ability to get over many types of terrain and are working on a winch prototype. Take a look!

Very nice, congrats

Awesome start so far! You guys must of just been going at it :slight_smile:

Nice and simple, and does the job well. I have a question regarding lifting the portcullis, is the arm moving slowly because of the force required to lift, or for control? The manual states the gate takes about 5 lbs of force to lift. Have you tested with the correct weight?

Great job you guys! It looks amazing!

The arm moves slowly because of the force. It’s a long moment so it takes some power, but once it starts going it goes quite quickly. We haven’t tested with the correct weight yet (which bugs me because every little detail matters)

What motors/gear ratios are you using to drive the arm up and down?

2 am-2971 (71:1) motors with a chain drive.

Thanks! Awesome robot by the way! I’m sure you’ll be very competitive.

As soon as my team members hear “scissor lift” they hiss like vampires to crosses. On second thought, scissor lifts are basically lots of crosses put together. Seriously, if I ever bring up any scissor lift ideas, they get shot down without hesitation. It’s a bit disappointing, considering the potential that these sort of lifts have, as you’ve demonstrated quite well in this preview.

I don’t know why, but for as long as I can remember, nobody has ever wanted to do scissor lifts for anything.

Anyway, I am so excited to see all the progress your team has made! You’re definitely going to be a great contender, not just because you’ve made a very functional robot, but also because you’re getting so much more driver practice as compared to most other teams at this point in the season.

I think have a really good shot at going deep at their DCMP already!

Source: geography

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What’s really remarkable, which Vae Victus hasn’t pointed out, is that they’re near ground zero for the massive snow storm that dumped a couple of feet on Virginia. I’m very impressed.

Put some aluminum sheet (1/16" or thinner) metal on your wooden defenses and round the edges a bit. We’ve found that it makes a slight difference on the moat and rock wall traversal with full weight. It’s not HUGE, but if you’re detail oriented you’ll want to try it.

We actually loaded up the robot and took it to a team member’s garage for a week. It was a great time to get electronics and programming done.