FRC 2017-18 Recruitment Video

Hey FIRST Teams,
It is the beginning of the school year, and you know what that means!!! It’s time to recruit new members to be a part of your FRC Team!!! Here is a link to our DM Robotics FIRST Team #6314 Promo/Recruitment Video. Feel free to use this video at your school to recruit some students to be on your team!! If you have your own video, post it here on this thread for other teams to get inspired!!! Please post your videos on this thread for all FRC Teams to see!!!

Here is our Recruitment Video:

Good Luck Recruiting and We hope to Meet all of your new Members,

DM Robotics
FIRST Team #6314

Great Video!!! I was watching all of your videos and they were Awesome!!! For a rookie team, you have accomplished so much!!! Congrats!!! If you don’t mind we would love to put your video on our video morning announcements to promote our team and hopefully attract some new members when school starts!!! Let me know if that is ok with you.


Definitely!!! We would love for you to use our video and hopefully, you will have as much luck as we did recruiting new members!!! We also have some cool flyers if you are interested

Good Luck,
DM Robotics
FIRST Team #6314

Can you please PM me the flyers?