FRC 2017 Competition Field

Here are the links to the models of this years field.

Autodesk Inventor 2017

Fusion 360


I will be posting some additional information and a short video to explain the motion I added to the assembly. We get to know how the competition works at the same time as yourself so I added motion where I thought it would be required.

Check later to today for more information.

Here is a short video overview of the Autodesk Inventor 2017 field model.

I didn’t have my studio quality audio equipment handy, so I had to settle for a cheapo headset!!

Phil, Is it possible to get the Inventor files ion the 2015 version of Inventor? Our school system is still on Inventor 2015 unfortunately.


Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn’t the STEP files work for you since they are a universal 3D file format?

You can import your part as a step file, but you won’t have the same editing capabilities.

Unfortunately not. If you download the STEP file you can do the following,

  1. Select all items in the browser, then ground the parts / subassemblies.

  2. Identify the parts you want to move then open the subassembly and start removing any grounding and adding constraints. See my short video on this.

  3. Color of the parts is another issue. The only major changes will be the floor markings and the transparent sections that I changed to Polycarbonate (Clear).

I will pass along your comments in regards to creating the model in one or two releases earlier than the current release.

Thanks Phil!

Thanks for posting this. FWIW, we noticed that the four lines defining the retrieval zone and key aren’t the correct colors in all cases.

Thanks. As I noted in my video the lines were a concern when I created the Inventor model from the supplied files. Now we have the official competition video etc. I will check them against my file.

First of all, thank you and Autodesk for putting the Field CAD together every year, it’s a fantastic resource which I am extremely grateful for. However, while taking some measurements from the alliance wall to the base line I noticed some discrepancies between the CAD and the game manual. The game manual states “BASE LINE: a green line that spans the width of the FIELD and is 9 ft. 4 in. (~284 cm) from the ALLIANCE WALL diamond plate.” Measuring that same distance in CAD returns 7.787 feet. Is this just an error in my copy of the CAD or does the official field CAD have this as well?


Thanks for the comments. I don’t have access to the game manual before Kick Off so there may be some discrepancies between the CAD model I was supplied with and the Inventor model I create and posted today.

Easy fix, the green line is grounded in Inventor. Remove the grounding, then apply the necessary constraints to place it 93.3" from the alliance wall.

I also applied a green color to the line.

I have updated my model for official posting on the Autodesk site on Monday.

I am also checking the other lines supplied to me against the Inventor model.

I am looking over the final drawings provided today on the FRC page and am finding some differences on the locations of the markers based on previous information I received.

They are mostly easy fixes such as modifying constraints I have already placed based on previous information.

I am working my way through all the numbers and will provide a summary tomorrow morning.

Thanks for posting these. These are great

Awesome! Thank you for modeling the field :slight_smile:

Im new to inventor is there anyway to get a view from the alliance station wall like what I would see if I were driving the robot?

You can create a new front view based on the current view but I think you are probably looking for something more dynamic. This solution would be a single, mostly static view.

Let me think about it some more for a better solution.

My team and I tried to download the Inventor and the Fusion 360 but somehow cannot open it in neither of the programs, is there something else we need to do in order to open those files (apart of downloading the programs) or an explanation to why we cannot open them?


What version of Inventor/ Fusion are you using? Autodesk files are not backwards compatible (you can’t open an Inventor 2017 file in Inventor 2016). If that’s the issue, you could try the STEP file as others have suggested.

Thank you for making the Field CAD available. The ability to visualize this game from a drive team perspective has been quite shocking. I have not seen much discussion of the visibility challenges that the AIRSHIPs are introducing to this game. I think that it will be very difficult to cycle GEARs or even FUEL depending upon your PLAYER STATION because FIELD visibility appears to vary wildly. Am I missing something?

For Inventor, you might want to set your project file to the included one first, then open the assembly. Also, make sure you are running Inventor 2017. Otherwise, as mentioned, use the STEP files.