FRC 2019 --- Game Rules Quiz (team 7038)

Here is a link to our Game Rules Quiz.

Best Wishes.

I’ve added it to the ever-growing list:

I see it’s a timed quiz, one hour. Is it supposed to be done closed or open book, and how many questions are there?

This one got a chuckle out of me.


Great Job - With week 4 exhaustion upon us, I may be missing something, but please check the answer for the question regarding actions NOT resulting in a foul. You have marked “Contacting a robot fully contained in its HAB zone,” as the correct answer. I believe the correct answer should be: “Contacting a robot that is contacting its cargo ship.”

G13. Opponents in their HAB ZONE are off-limits. A ROBOT may not contact an opponent ROBOT if
that opponent ROBOT’S BUMPERS are fully in their HAB ZONE.

Thanks for creating this quiz.

Great quiz, but for #24, isn’t the battery on the robot 12 volts?

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I contacted OP with a suggestion to recheck the rules on both the contact question and the battery voltage question, along with a couple of others that I found a bit off. Thought about putting it public but decided not to give anything away.

I really hope this was a mistake… image

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