FRC 2019 Hatch Panel

How are the hatch panels attached to the hatch of the cargo ships and rockets in FRC 2019 Destination: Deep Space? Is it a magnet, tape, etc.?

It is fastened by Velcro, or should I say hook and loop tape


On the hatch panel there is 3M™ Fastener SJ3571 loop tape (PN 70070457349) (See 4.9.2 Hatch Panel)

There is black hook tape on the rocket/cargo ship/player stations (See 4 Arena)

Does anyone have a good supplier to purchase 3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3571?

We don’t want to buy a 50 yd roll, but can get the polycarbonate supplied.

While it is a “pair” of hook and loop tape strips, below is a 5’ section.

But if you contact Vex, they may individually sell you the loop tape strips pre-cut with the “diamond pattern” already punched out.

Has anyone found a source for precut loop strips?


I say Velcro…cant be sued free country

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