FRC 2019 Pick'Em Challenge

FRC 2019 Pick’Em Challenge

The Pick’Em Challenge is a game I’ve been developing the past couple weeks based on the idea of 1114’s Simbucks (see here), and ESPN’s Streak. The game is pretty simple: you start out with 100 coins (fake virtual currency), and you can bet any amount of them on the outcome of any match at any event, including multiple matches at multiple events at the same time. If you are correct, you win more coins than you bet. If you are incorrect, you get none back. There is also a running win-loss record as well as keeping track of how many bets you get right in a row (streak).

The entire game is automated using a Discord bot, Google Firebase, and The Blue Alliance’s amazing API. The game also uses alliance stats to calculate fair return values, so for example if you bet on three higher performing teams to win against three lower performing teams correctly, the game will give you less of a return than if you had bet on the lower performing teams to beat the higher performing teams correctly. I hope this will add some more strategic depth in the game rather than just following around which events powerhouse teams are competing at.

We already have 60+ members in the Discord so it should be a competitive season!

Practical Uses

  1. An incentive for students to scout and watch more matches
  2. Can introduce a competitive aspect to scouting
  3. Can make scouting fun
  4. Will help students think about who wins matches and why.

As Karthik covers in his seminar, when the students are engaged while scouting, they’ll often do a better job and will pay more attention to the robots at the event since they’re personally invested.

I can also set up a personal leaderboard just for members on your team, just PM me!

It may be difficult to run this game with your students while they’re scouting at events, due to wifi restrictions and other factors, but the game will work perfectly for those teams that watch events on weekends doing pre-scouting or analysis, or individuals who just really like watching events and want to participate in a fun competition.


I will be offering the following prizes at the end of the regular competition season:

  1. User with most coins at end of regular season - $10 giftcard or paypal
  2. User with longest streak at end of regular season - $10 giftcard or paypal

(all mentors, students, spectators are eligible)


  1. Any form of cheating/exploiting (even if the system allows it) will result in an immediate reset, and multiple instances will result in a ban.
  2. Typical don’t be a jerk chat rules
  3. I reserve the right to reset the competition at any time. However this will only happen if there are technical issues and would most likely happen near the start of the competition season.
  4. No bots are allowed on the regular leaderboard, or are eligible for regular prizes. See below for information on how to compete with your own bot for separate prizes.


Placing a bet

Bet Returns

Individual Stats


Join The Discord To Start Now

Looking to contribute?

We need:

  1. Graphic Designers (server logo, other imagery)
  2. Discord Server Managers (I’m not extremely familiar with typical server setup and permissions)
  3. Statistics people that can help calculate good return values based on alliance stats (match prediction)

PM me if you’d like to help in any way.

Bot Competition

You are allowed to play with a bot, however no bots are permitted to compete in the regular leaderboards. If you’d like to set up a bot, please PM me and I’ll set you up with a webhook link.
Same rules as above. Please don’t spam with commands, there is a built in cooldown between bet placement requests.

Bot Prizes (sponsored by @Caleb_Sykes) (only available if there are 4+ participants)

  1. Bot with most coins at end of regular season - $10
  2. Bot with longest streak at end of regular season - $10

(week 1 bots will appear in regular leaderboards, I should have a new system setup by week 2)


Looks fun, I’m interested to see how this goes.

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Looks great, thanks for making this

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I love this idea! Will there be a way to see what the payout is before placing a bet?

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I’m looking forward to seeing bots compete against each other.

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Yes, that’s a planned feature. I probably won’t have time to implement it until week 2 competitions though.


Howdy Will! Good job on putting this all together, I can’t wait to see it in action.

My question: Will you make data available after events so those of us who are into that sort of thing can see all the raw info?

This is really cool! Have you considered expanding this to the other FIRST programs?

Howdy Jason!

I am planning to release a CSV/Excel file of all completed bets after each week. This will include the event code, match type, match num, alliance members, chosen winner, bet return, W/L, and maybe a couple other data fields for each bet. Is there anything else you’d like to see?

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That would be awesome, but I believe that the other FIRST programs just don’t have the extensive API that FIRST/TBA have available for FRC that makes the automation of my game possible.

One thing that I am planning on implementing eventually is custom bets so users can bet on things like: “Will a rookie captain an alliance at Houston champs?” that are created and evaluated manually, and perhaps we could include some bets about other FIRST programs in those.

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Thanks Will! I can’t wait to see how it goes this weekend!

This seems like a great idea! I use discord all the time so I will join up for this weekends games!

Good luck!

Match schedules have been posted at several events so the competition is officially live!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a lot of fun with this all day. It’s a great way to test out my scouting program and is a great way to practice for when we actually go to an event.

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Thanks! I’m glad it can be of good use for you

This looks like it should be pretty fun. Can I sign up to get pinged when the feature to tell you the odds comes out?

I’m looking forward to seeing the bot category.

The feature to tell you the odds before a bet is out now.

Also just in case not everyone has seen it, week 1 stats are posted here:

I had a lot of fun with this yesterday. This thread deserves a bump before it gets automatically locked.

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