FRC 2020 CAD Release - Team 3255 SuperNURDs

FRC team 3255’s robot “Deadshot”, produced for the 2020, 2021 challenge, Infinite Recharge.

Download Here
FRC 2020 Robot - Team 3255 | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

Robot Info

  • Del Mar Regional Winner
  • 6 Ball Auto


  • Double Falcon 500 WCD SS gearbox (x2)
  • 6 Wheel West Coast Drivetrain
  • Chain driven


  • Limelight vision tracking
  • Variable degree hooded shooter
  • 180 degree shooter turret
  • 2.25" Ball Compression
  • Double Neo shooter gearbox 1:1 ratio (5676 RPM)
  • Consistently shoots from trench run


  • Detachable hook climber
  • Planetary gearbox powered hook elevator
  • Falcon 500 powered climber winch gearbox


  • Falcon 500 powered Zip Tie intake

Control Panel Spinner

  • Double roller mechanism

Feel free to leave a reply with any questions! :grinning:


Kind of random question, as I didn’t see your robot reveal until now (probably bc your across the country lol) - did you do all of your testing outside, even back before competition? Because that limelight seems on point, and I was curious as to what backlash the limelight might have given you from all the light intensity and fluctuations outside.

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Yes, we did do all of our limelight tuning outside, however we had to retune our values once we got to our regional. Funnily enough we were actually at the Del Mar regional with is open air, so their was a lot of fluctuation, even from being on red alliance or blue alliance the light on the target was different.

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