FRC 2020 Game Tools Installation Help

So I’m trying to install the 2020 Game Tools from National Instruments and when I click install it keeps giving me the error of DotnetClientPackageManagerNotInstalledError.

@ThatOneGortBoi can you paste a screenshot of the error? I am interested in seeing if this comes from Windows or from NI Package Manager itself.

I found this KnowledgeBase article that might give us more clues: NI Package Manager Error “dotnetClientPackageManagerNotInstalledError”
I assume you are seeing the same screen as the one there.

Yeah its the same image as this


So far the only thing I have found was an error code in the errorlogs file that has the number -126308.

Just now I’ve tried installing it on my computer at home and I think it could be because of my school’s wifi blocking some files from being downloaded.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. That the firewall or Windows Policy is blocking some dependencies from downloading or executing, and therefore the software has no other option but to throw this error :thinking:

With the recent snow days I haven’t been able to check to see if I was right and it turns out that it had nothing to do with the wifi at all. After wiping one of the computers and still failing to install I’m starting to think it might have something to do with the hardware.

Do you have .NET installed? We have it as part of our team Ninite (so I have never tried installing NI tools without it), but I think NI may need it to run stuff.

My mentor found someone with the same error and its installing now. Thanks for your help though DotNetClientPackagemanager

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