FRC 2021 game idea, Viral Vengeance

Ok, its a long shot, but bear with me cause Im still grieving…

Welcome to FIRST Robotics 2021 game, Viral Vengeance! Teams must Prepare their robot with 2 others and prepare for a fight most deserved, as you fight the heinous Covid-19 Virus!

Teams start on the edge of extinction and must deposit vitamins into the proper areas set up by the opposing alliance.
But watch out! opposing teams can throw tp and canned soup to try and slow your perception of the deadly virus!

Once your team has successfully deposited all 13 essential vitamins they can hit the big red button to launch your team into space to join Elon musk on Mars and save the day!


This would be hilarious except for the fact that I just got back from Walmart for a regular shopping trip in which I couldn’t get half the stuff I normally get… or the fact that I’m set to lose thousands of dollars this summer due to the virus…

…and I’m one of the lucky ones! This thing is going to create a lot of trouble for a lot of people.

Humor is absolutely a valid way to cope with the situation we all find ourselves in. I think it might be a little too soon for most people…




Eh, just trying to lighten the mood even if just a little

So what does autonomous look like?

Can we transfer the virus by bumping into other robots?

Can we build up immunity to the virus - perhaps by alliance members bumping into each other?

How about a random event where the robot - perhaps spectacularly - is shut down during the game due to infection?

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Teams older than 15 years have a 50/50 shot of getting e-stopped at the start of the match.


Wow … age discrimination??

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Someone report COVID-19 to the Department of Labor.


Not enough toilet paper hoarding.



Now I feel terrible about having made a joke of “Viral Vengeance” as the name of the 2020 competition ages ago in Jan. 2019 when we were all talking about “hook and loop”.


The best part is i never saw that post XD great minds think alike i guess

Canned soup is a thing?
We’re dealing with the bottled drinking water flying off the shelves…which introduces a WATER GAME!


Illuminati confirmed


All robots will be called Nosoi or Asclepius

still too soon?

We gotta put the anti-maskers into account :joy::joy::joy:
Are there just going to be like bots running around a whole gymnasium outside of the playing field, which is technically against the rules, but the judges aren’t allowed to do anything about it? Will those bots be crashing into people and destroying everyone?
I better stop myself here. Don’t wanna get too gruesome.

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When our team saw the teaser video for this year, we were all like #watergame :joy:
The safety animation theme hasn’t been revealed yet, so our team is just assuming that it has to do with the overall GameChangers theme and we’re putting a few watergame references here or there. We don’t wanna annoy everyone but we still would like humor to be there.


Actually, it’s science confirmed :joy:
This is how we get more people in STEM

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life right now: 2020: The Horror/Action/Drama video game, free for all

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I like the game idea, but personally think “Pandemic Panic” is a better name. But maybe that’s just me.