FRC 2021 Innovation Challenge Survey

Hello! Would you mind spending a few minutes to fill out a survey regarding some potential ideas for the FRC Innovation Challenge?

I’m guessing a lot of team’s will be putting out innovation challenge surveys soon, maybe we can keep them all in one thread?

Here’s my team’s survey:

Hello, Team 888 made a follow-up survey to collect more info and get a finalized idea.

I went ahead and filled it out, thanks!

Specific to your two app ideas, you may want to check out:

  1. Ingress/Pokemon Go - similar game & discovery mechanics
  2. Garmin Connect - has similar friends-connection features

If you end up going with one of these two options, you’ll definitely want to be sure to emphasize how your final idea is distinct from the existing options.

Hello, We are team 4499. We wanted to gain some feedback about exercising and sharing the road with motorized vehicles. This would allow us to get a better focus on our topic.

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