FRC 2021 Plans According To the FIRST Canada Website

I haven’t seen this posted on CD yet, but at this link: FIRST Canada Update – August 2020 – FIRST Robotics Canada (thank you @krf for posting this link in a different area) FIRST Canada lists their future plans for the 2021 season. Specifically, for March-April FRC, they say " FIRST Robotics Competition Events will be one day events (18 teams) with expanded safety measures in place."

What do you think of this proposed model? What could these expanded safety measures be? How will alliance selection work? Hopefully we get answers to these questions soon from HQ.


I’d like to know more about how exactly they’ll work, and if HQ has a contingency plan in place for teams that aren’t allowed to attend these events due to school/legal restrictions or reservations from team members. I think it can work, but there obviously some big things to be concerned about.

Also, I assume the implication of this being announced for all of FIRST Canada is that both Regional and District areas will have these events?

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The one-day event plan I’ve heard is 18 teams per event, 10 matches per team, 200 person max (limited team members + skeleton volunteer crew). Judging will be remote, for a few events at a time. Advancement rules will be adjusted to work with smaller events.

Disclaimer: heard this a few weeks back, not sure if it’s changed since.


If it’s not safe to hold 36 team events, I don’t think it’s safe to hold 18 team events.

That said, hopefully Canada (and the rest of the world) is in a decent spot by that point. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to plan for small scale events in case things are better; but I’d put a very large “tentative” flag on it…


Wish HQ would come out and say: we support these plans by our Partners to come up with event formats, advancement structures, and registration prices that work for their communities, even if they won’t be consistent program-wide.


So with those numbers, it would be ~10 people per team and an event staff of 20 people. That or 11 people per team and an event staff of 2 (assuming a full 18 teams attend and each team gets the same amount of spots).


It will be interesting to see what the cost of these events are. Given that it seems that championship events are unlikely (of both varieties), I have a bad feeling that these events are going to be essentially overglorified off-season events. The number I had heard floated around (by other regions) was around 2-3k, which in my mind currently is absolutely nuts for a one day event where we can’t qualify for anything and can only bring 10 people.

I would guess that this is the model FIRST is going to be pushing for all regions.

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This is an interesting question. 8 alliances of 3 teams each is obviously out of the question. 4 alliances of 3 teams each is doable, but leaves the 1 alliance with the 12th pick out of 18 teams, or rather, the 4th worst team at the event. If we drop down to 2 team alliances, then 4 alliances might work out.

Of course, with how long it takes to run playoff matches, I kind of think they might just skip it entirely and assign some kind of points according to rankings that would hopefully come into play later down the line.

Going to guess those will be a safety award judge and the guy who checks bags at the door.


Because who needs refs, FTA’s, field reset, queuers, Pit Admin, or an LRI :slight_smile:


What if things change and having 200 folks at an event is no longer allowed? Would First Canada cancel the events? have they thought about transitioning to smaller events. what about virtual events?

200 has me was thinking more along the lines of 8-9 per team to leave room for volunteers and miscellaneous staff. 20 people running a comp is a bit tight unless teams are obligated to do reset/etc.


in this situation, most staff would do their jobs virtually, even the refs. It would be a 10 per team limit.

If the refs are doing their job virtually, don’t bother with the refs.


I’d rather not.

The CHS slides said teams would be doing field reset.

Are you saying that you’d rather not have refs at all?



Reset is probably going to look a lot different with increased safety and sanitization processes in place. I’d sincerely hope we don’t have random students resetting the same game pieces each match.

If I could have 20 volunteers/staff I’d do something like this:

  1. Head ref
  2. Ref
  3. Ref
  4. Ref
  5. Ref
  6. FTA
  7. FTAA
  8. Pit Admin
  9. Field Reset
  10. Field Reset
  11. Field Reset
  12. Field Reset
  13. CSA
  14. CSA
  15. Event Manager/Director
  16. LRI
  17. RI
  18. RI
  19. Lead Queuer
  20. First aid

Eric, you said don’t bother with the refs and I disagreed with you. But you example is extremely valid.

I think 4 alliances of 3 would be very doable. 12/18 teams making eliminations is still much better than some smaller districts that have 24/30 teams make eliminations.

I know things will be different for a while and we have to get used to it, but I personally have no interest in being involved in 2021 if competitions are just qualification matches.