FRC 2068 Metal Jacket Robotics — Build Thread 2023

We are FRC Team 2068, Metal Jackets, here to help out any fellow FRC teams with any build design issues, electrical problems, or programming errors that are in the way of any successes! #norobotleftbehind !!

FRC 2068 Metal Jackets are a well-rounded team based in Manassas, VA and are a nonprofit organization that focuses itself on providing any source of help and outreach. The current roster of the team includes 50 kids all from different background and diversities that make up the Hive!

The Metal Jackets will be in action in Portsmouth (Week 3) and Glenn Allen (Week 4) to showcase ‘Muhkeignzeigh’! As the team’s robot name gets crazier and longer each year, the robot showcases the creativity, hard work, and overall reflects the future engineers for the 21st work century.

The 2068 Metal Jackets meet every Sunday (12:00 pm - 5:00 pm), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (2:10 pm - 5:00 pm) and Saturday (9:00 am - 5:00 pm). Every Saturday meeting ,the team debriefs the new schedule for the new upcoming week and what each sub-team or bucket plans to bring to the table. The team is made sure to stay on task while having necessary breaks and lunch breaks with food provided from members families!

This 2023 season, the Metal Jackets will begin a build/competition thread, inspired from the Open Alliance, to guide and show our progress as the season continues. We plan on updating this thread every Wednesday and Saturday. If there are any questions to design processes, technical issues, or ‘sparking’ (ha pun!) a discussion feel free to reply to any part of the thread or PM the Metal Jackets!


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