FRC 2200 2009 CodeName: Dumpster

Hope to see everyone on the field.

Real interesting.

Is that CIM assembly made so that part or all of it is housed inside the roller?

If it is, that is totally awesome:)

How would you get the wires to power if it’s insides the roller?

I’ve seen similar setups for other rollers systems and for spinning drums on combat robots.

More often than not (for brushed motors) the motor is inside the drum, but doesn’t spin with it and the roller sits on hollow dead axles or something that allows the wires to be run through.

I’ve also seen the motor spin with it and a slip ring is used.

Waaaaay off topic, but for outrunner brushless motors, most are two parts; a face that mounts that is usually about 1/4th the length of the motor or less (with the output shat), and the rear can that actually spins with the shaft. People have facemounted that guy, and pressed a tube onto the rear can to power the roller/drum.

Sorry for the threadjack, but please let us know what exactly that guy is for.

Here’s an example from our bot this year:

We have a hub inside our roller drum that is keyed, then we put the drum over the entire transmission. It eliminates any chain or gearing and looks a lot cleaner.

Are you worried about knowing how many balls are in your possession?

Yes the CIM and gearbox fit inside the roller (which is a 4" piece of ABS Pipe)

The motor does not spin, the pipe spins around the motor, so no slip ring is needed.

And no, we are not worried about knowing how many balls we have in the bot.