FRC 2220 CAD Release 2020

Team 2220, Blue Twilight is proud to release the CAD model for our 2020 robot, Wrench.

Coming off of last year, our goal with the robot was to improve how we utilized all the new tools we introduced last year, and continue to build design skills and culture on our team. In my opinion we were tremendously successful in this effort, making better use of our resources and truly embracing an iterative design process in almost all aspects of the robot.

You can find the Onshape native models here. We’ve also submitted the model to Spectrum’s CAD collection.

A disclaimer: this is our robot CAD almost exactly as it existed when we went on break. We haven’t done much with it since then, so it’s varying states of incomplete in many areas.

Unfortunately we were not able to compete at an event this year, missing out on playing at the Heartland and Montreal regionals, both of which were very excited for.


The robot looks really nice! How did you generate that picture from Onshape?

Document Menu -> Print -> Download image. Way better than screenshots since it gives you a higher res image and transparency. Also works well with sections, exploded views, and alternate view modes.


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