FRC 225 TechFire IRI Can Grabber

With the IRI rule changes, a slower and controlled can grabber could be superior for many alliances to a fast one that leaves the cans in unknown locations. So, we developed a new can grabber for IRI. It leaves the two cans from the step upright in the auto zone.

IRI Can Grabber

Looking forward to seeing a ton of great teams next weekend!

That seems very interesting. Very few teams get step cans and have them land in the upright position. That could catch the eye of some alliances, especially for teams that only use cans in the upright position and are slow or inexperienced in stand the cans back to the upright position.

Cough…cough…2056…cough…cough …

What part of that is 2056. I’m just curious. lol

While they definitely aren’t slow at righting sideways cans I’d bet they would prefer having them upright. I’m fairly sure their original suction cup can grabber was meant to leave them upright. I’ve seen their current hooked ones leave the cans upright a couple of times.

Got you now. But still, there aren’t many teams with can burglars that leave the cans upright.

Great work. There are quite a few stackers which require upright cans and this increases 225’s value to an alliance with one of these.

Good thinking and good execution.

Very interesting way/design to pick up cans.

Cough cough

That’s pretty impressive! I remember someone with 624 on CD that Gravity was having some problems with knocked over cans, so this will definitely find value in the playoff rounds of IRI.