FRC 226 2020 Robot Photos


There sure is a lot of robot in that robot


Yes this robot seems to be made of robot.

How do you even CAD that? You can’t even see through it

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How did you decide on a cim falcon combination?

Just a guess, but maybe cim for torque to turn and falcon to go fast

Real question is: with all that robot how the heck are you under 125 lbs? That looks like it weighs 150 or something

Yeah l know!

We originally wanted to use Falcons as both the rotation and steering motors, but due to the CAW/BOM limit we had to switch to mini CIMs

The blue robot goes nicely with the blue banner


Hopefully this image can give you more context, but most of the robot is mostly polycarb, and the interior is mostly empty. The heaviest components were the climber and drivetrain.

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My wonder on the first view was " How in the world do you store 5 lemons in that robot?" Then they showed the other side view. Nice.

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