FRC 2363 Triple Helix gripper prototypes

Triple Helix is enjoying using our new laser cutter for prototyping. Here are a couple of the gripper prototypes we’ve built and tested. The second prototype was laser cut from plywood, assembled and tested all during today’s meeting.

Thanks for sharing, these are great.

Fantastic work.

We had to cut our prototype in half as well… Thanks for sharing these videos are awesome and it’s cool to see other teams process and ideas they come up with.

Fantastic work from Triple Helix hopefully will see you at CHS Distruct Champs

Love it

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How much compression do the inner two wheels exert on the cube/what’s the center to center?

Fantastic work! Thank you for sharing with the community.

What kind of cylinders are you using in the second intake prototype shown in the video?

Just enough to suck it in and hold it securely.

Pneumatic cylinders.

Great footage and design tests, thanks for sharing!

That looks great! Though I have a question: why didnt you used belts instead of those complaint wheels? It seems like (from my experience and from snows problem robot) that using belts will make the cube go directly in to the robot.
Have you tried somthing like that?

We didn’t want the cube to go directly into the robot. But, your team may, so belts might be what you want to use.

A little disclaimer… Prototyping is the hard work you do to learn lessons about how to build your robot. The goal is to fail quickly, learn what does and doesn’t work, and rapidly iterate to better designs. We’re willing to show off our hard work, but don’t take anything you see in our prototyping videos as representative of how things will be on the competition bot. We’re continually changing things, even over the course of the competition season.

Also, learning those lessons through hard work is one of the really cool things about FIRST. We wouldn’t dream of depriving your team of that beneficial experience by telling you how to design your bot. What works for us won’t necessarily work for you, anyway.

Great work, what about an 11 inch wide POWER Cube configuration?

After a rough day yesterday, this video is exactly what we needed. There’s a seemingly-minor piece of geometry we were missing for the intake. Thank you so much!

Agree 100%, the nice thing about any team sharing is it allow smaller team to accelerate their prototyping and some small ideas from your design may end up being a game changer for an other team! Thank you!

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Love it. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the share. I am jealous of the laser cutter! Haha good luck this year.

I really love the slot and tab construction with the lasered wood.

Really smart design!

I also love the enthusiasm at cutting it in half to make the most use of the work done thus far to allow more testing at the lowest cost!

Very cool. We have been developing out intake from similar concept. Here is couple of pictures of our student prototypes from week 1.