FRC 2415 teaser 2016 bot

:yikes: #woodonwoodonwoodonwood

skip to 2 minutes if ur no fun -_-

release video to come possibily…

What did I just watch for 2 minutes?

Thoroughly impressed with the first two minutes.

Sweet looking woodbot, Sean & company!


First two minutes:

24/15, release your mixtape pls

That reveal video was golden. Sean’s been hyping me up about this robot, can’t wait to compete with y’all at Columbus!

One question - why?

It’s not funny, and it doesn’t show me anything about your robot, other than some of it is made out of wood.

It makes your team look bad.

anyone that knows 2415, knows their sense of humor.

Nobody forced you to watch the first two minutes, it even says it in the original post.

I’m gonna guess your robot’s name, Spaghetti and Meatballs.


i see some aluminum chassis parts peeking out from under the wood.
there is only one full wood chassis in georgia.


It’s the thought that counts. Are you guys and 2415 backing a primarily wooden robot 3rd bot? Cause that alliance would be epic (and remarkably flammable).

  • Sunny G.

that would be awesome. to many wood haters in first

too true, wood for the win! wood’s easily manipulatable compared to metal, is pretty rugged (if you get the right wood), and is uber light.

With 2 minutes of straight fire I’m surprised that wood didn’t get burnt.

1771 (North Gwinnett Robotics, and we actually have a bot this year) checking in. Nice, we too will join you in the journey to float across the moat.

Gotta say tho, ours looks a lot more intimidating with its massive rear mounted arm… Hopefully it works…

Awesome work guys, see you at Dalton and/or Kennessaw!