FRC 2530 Inconceivable Pneumatic Shooter

This is the final prototype. CAD is underway. Enjoy, and all questions are welcome.

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Hey team 2530:

I would love to see how that works closer up. Been fiddling with something similar too. 



Have you done any testing to see how far it shoot or what the furthest distance from the goal is? Also accuracy, if you only have one small point of contact it might not be as accurate as you want. Just like playing pool, it works most of the time but the one time you miss is when you need it the most. Over all it looks good, you can make it into the goal and pneumatics unlike springs or surgical tubing will not loose effectiveness as it is used.

r3PO - I’ve uploaded a close-up to the media gallery.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Blazeflipper - We were also concerned about accuracy of a puncher mechanism. That’s why we have designed a secret method for assuring the ball is in exactly the same spot every time! :cool: We actually found a small strike plate (like the tennis ball shown) is more consistent than a larger strike plate.

At an angle of inclination of 55 degrees, our range for the high goal is 3’7" - 5’3" in horizontal distance from the end of the field. As long as we are in that envelope, it doesn’t miss. We were tempted to make a varying angle shooter, but then we have the problem of contacting the ball the same every time. KISS :slight_smile:

Funny just when you think you have come up with a unique solution…

This design looks awfully familiar…

Any particular source you drew inspiration from?


I assume this means you’ve done the same thing… :slight_smile: Funny story: one of our mechanical students said, “I wonder if we could do a 2-stage shooter?” Our researchers immediately turned to CD and found Team 178 has something similar, too.

I look forward to comparing our final designs in Milwaukee! See you there!


Team 178’s video convinced us that it could be done.

Ah, cool.

It is very much like 95’s 2008 shooter, too. It’s a good, simple, launching mechanism.

Ahhh…we didn’t find yours in our research. Perhaps 178 did, and now your awesome design has been copied twice! They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!:slight_smile:

Quite possibly! Either way it’s interesting to see multiple teams arrive at the same mechanism principle, arriving at it independently or by inspiration.

Looks great!
Have you guys tried using strait fittings on the cylinders rather than 90’s? You may find the flow to be a little better, may be able to increase your shot distance a little.

Its really awesome to see that we are not the only team trying this kind of a shooting mechanism.

Our shooter was actually inspired by our 2010 robot’s original kicker, which was a two stage beast. We did end up doing some research during our brainstorming, and we were in fact encouraged ourselves by the success of 95’s 2008 design. Ours is currently 3 stages, and we are waiting on a few more cylinders to arrive in order to finalize it. I hope to see you guys continue to find success with yours as the build season progresses.

Thanks! We’ll try it!

Thanks CJ! You too!

Can’t wait to see the size of the chalk block for the end of this “cue” stick. :cool: Or the applicator mechanism that twirls it onto the tennis ball between shots. :smiley:

All in due time me boy, all in due time.::safety::

Hey, this is Myles from team 4561. How did you exactly get your pneumatic to work? We tried a similar pneumatic design and it worked “terrifically”. We had 3 pistons connected to one solenoid. We weren’t losing pressure, but the pistons shot out lower than usual.

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