FRC 2648 Presents: Havoc

FRC 2648 - Infinite Loop is proud to present our 11th creation: Havoc

Reveal Video

Wow! This is probably the best intake I’ve seen yet!

I think I have to agree. This takes “touch it own it” to a new level for this year.

Another slick robot from 2648! That intake is beautiful and the elevator only makes it better. Best of luck, hopefully we’ll play together at DCMP!

That climber concept is so clever.

Can’t wait to ride down with you guys to SE Mass. We also are giving your robot a ride in the newly renovated Blue Crew trailer. Hopefully we can play together because your robot goes well with our ramp bot.

Awesome robot guys, can’t wait to play with y’all at SE Mass and hopefully DCMP!

Terrific intake and really nifty climbing mechanism. This robot should do really well for you guys. Hope to see you in Detroit!

My one concern is your method of scoring into the switch. Even after team update 13, you’d be drawing fouls for launching into the switch. It could be as simple a fix as some protrusion (zip tie) sticking out from the front of your robot to correct this, but you are going to want to correct it or modify your driving so you bumpers always touch the switch wall (a challenge with your intake in front).

We have seen this come up as a concern on multiple occasions specifically in the team update thread and as can be seen at the 27 second mark in the video we can actuate our intake in and out on cylinders and plan to do so. For the sake of the video we didnt want to fill up our air every 2 minutes to show that we could. We appreciate the concerns and we appreciate all the complements on the robot.

Such a slick intake and scoring system, can’t wait to compete with you guys again in SE Mass, and hopefully DCMP!