FRC 2789 - Swaggadoccio!

Here’s a little teaser for Alamo this weekend. We’ve still got some work to do, but here is “Swaggadoccio,” part of our overall robot for Recycle Rush, which we are calling “Swagford & Son.”

After watching Week 1 events, particularly Dallas, we thought that driving stacks to the scoring platform looked like it was causing headaches, so we decided to use the our withholding allowance to join #TeamTether and make a sidebot to bring totes to our main robot that would just sit on the platform and build directly on it.

We still have some mods and final touches to add, and we can’t wait for Alamo!

Short Video Of Swaggadoccio

Looks interesting 2789 !

Good luck at the Alamo !