FRC 2826 Wave Robotics Build Thread

Welcome to Wave Robotics 2020 build thread, presented by #openalliance.

We’re super excited for Infinite Recharge and are looking forward to talking with all of you and sharing our process and season. Please feel free to ask any questions and share back as we move throughout the course of our build season!


Kickoff weekend has come and gone. Wave does kickoff a bit differently than most teams. Read about it in our new blog post Here

Also because I’m new to this blogging thing and don’t know how to get a PDF to be linked in our blog you can find a copy of Wave’s kick off worksheet below.

Wave Kickoff Worksheet.pdf (49.0 KB)

As always I welcome any and all questions.

Hope your kickoff weekend went well and you have a good foundation for the rest of build.


This was a neat video with some impressive accuracy!

It appears to be a dual horizontal wheeled shooter? With pneumatic wheels? What motors? Compression? Was it really from 36ft? What was performance at other distances? Any other info or lessons learned you got from this prototype would be extremely helpful!

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They answered this in the blog - 6" Colson wheels, each powered by a 775 at a 3:1 reduction (presumably at max speed), with 5" between the two wheels (2" of compression)

Since @hmccree answered most of your questions I’ll answer the one they did not.

This shot is actually 38 ft to the wall. The 36ft mentioned represents where the 2 point hexagon would be. The square tape on the wall inside is the 1ft 1in that the 3 point goal is.
Consistency from any shooter comes from feeding the game piece into it consistent every time, as well as making sure your wheels are spinning and controlled where you want them to be. This prototype did not have any control other than variable power based on the joystick position on the xbox controller. There is no PID control or anything else in this set up.


Very nice. Thanks for the info!

Agreed. First proof I’ve seen that a trench shot is viable

Our 2020 onshape file is up and running. We’ve got some layout sketches going so far, and the start of some drive train rails.

Onshape Model


Could you guys post the specs/video of the hooded shooter? We are leaning in that direction in our prototyping process and I’m curious how far you guys were able to shoot with that design.

Thanks for posting all this great information!

We got our 2012 robot shooting last night. When i get to our build facility tonight I will upload some videos and specs right here in this thread.

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Any idea what power level that was?

I’d guess close in the 90-100 range.

Here is the video of our 2012 robot shooting power cells. Distance is again 36 ft to the front of the goal. We couldn’t fit the goal all the way down the hall way so we had to shoot through the door!

Pic of the robot below as well.

8in custom wheel from 2012
2.5" compression
2 775 pros geared 3.5:1 (gearing of our shooter that year)


Have you tried any successive shots one after the other?

To piggy back on your post, here’s another 2012 shooter doing its thing. 775s through a dual input. 6 inch wheel.

We only have 1 power cell. When we get more in this week that is at the top of the list.

And there was much rejoicing. Love videos where everyone goes “aayyyyyee” :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing these with the community, it’s extremely helpful as we evaluate our options.


It seems like you are getting some amazing distances on both your dual wheel and hooded shooter prototypes. I have seen several other similar style prototypes from RI3D teams and such that seemed to not be getting nearly the same distance (like 20ft), what do you think differentiates your prototypes? I did notice they seemed to be using less compression, but have you found other factors that just seem to work better?

Do you believe the custom wheel on the hooded or the colsons on the dual wheel are giving you an advantage over other wheels? Especially in relation to wheels teams are likely to more commonly have on hand like the kit wheels, pneumatic wheels, roughtop, or stealth wheels? I understand if you haven’t done testing I would be interested in a gut reaction based on your experience also!

Right now its all the compression.

I’ve seen a video of another team using 4" wheels and a similar gearing using 775 pros and they got 40+ ft out of their shooter.

And another team with a similar set up with less compression get less than 10ft.

Do you remember what team that was? I would like to see that. Also thanks for the great build blog so far!