FRC 2826 Wave Robotics Championship Video


Wave Robotics is proud to showcase their robot in the 2012 season in preparation for championships! We have had a fun season so far, made some great friends along the way, and are ready to kick it up a notch come April 26th!

Here are some features about our robot:

Long base 8WD 2 speed (7/14fps)
24" Wide over-the-bumper intake system
Able to shoot over 90% from the key
Wisconsin Elimination tele-op ball scoring average: 11 balls/match, max of 14.
Consistent 2 ball hybrid
Stinger and able to overhang up to 50% of the robot allows for easy 3 bot balance (see video).

Improvements since regional competitions:
Intake collection speeds drastically improved
Vision tracking fixed (did not use in elimination matches where alliance scored 98pts in two consecutive matches)
New hybrid modes allow for co-op or alliance bridge auto collection and scoring.
Check out the promotional video here! Enjoy!
OMG My Head Hurts Long Intro Version
Note: Sense of quirky humor will be required to watch video.

  • Tyler

Great video, Tyler. Although, with videos like this, I can’t keep calling 2826 one of the most underrated teams in FIRST.

Great video!

Playing with you guys at Lake Superior Regional this year was definitely one of the highlights of my FRC career.

WOO! I finally got to see Wisconsin teams in action (I was busy with Neutrinos in Midwest that week). 1732 looks interesting, can’t wait to see them perform in STL. Also, nice to see 48 in action too. Too bad there was no footage with 1675 :(.

Oh, your robot is cool too, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing robot again 2826! I really hope to see your robot go farther than it did last season!