FRC 2859's Kicker Prototype 2

Now it’s not going to be as extreme as it is in the video. It’s being toned downed for the actual robot downsized. The mech1 team just wanted to settle a bet with a mentor. They won cookies. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s really sweet! and from the looks of it all it used was surgical tubing, amazing!:eek:

edit: You guys do know that the field is only 50 feet long, right?

Boom, nice…

That’s a bunch of spinning metal under a lot of stress for you guys to not be wearing safety glasses.

Wow, overkill? Also short in February :rolleyes:

That was pretty sick spin you put on that ball. That was as close to a real human kick I’ve seen, yet.

I completely agree.

I think motorcycle helmets would have been more appropriate…

Sweet kicker, how do you plan on cocking it back?

Very impressive… if you can control it and get it repeatable.

Also, as an inspector for the Denver Regional, I would ask you to come prepared for many questions about that device. As I watch I could easily see a long discussion involving the safety inspector about all conditions of failure on that thing.

Not just surgical tubing. There are 3 - 4 springs and they use a ratcheting system to set it up. Without the surgical tubing, they achieved 56 ft.:slight_smile:
It can be adjusted, depending on much it’s ratched back, so the amount of energy can be varied.
And yes, they are aware of it, one of the mentors was betting them that they couldn’t make it go 60 ft. because prototype 1 was only able to do 30 ft., thus prototype 2. He lost and bought the Mech1 team cookies.

I know, when I went out there I had a talk with them about it when I was still inside and saw safety glasses sitting around on the tables everywhere but no one wearing them then I found them outside testing.::ouch::
At least they tested it outside, at the beginning the kept testing the kicker in the hallway and their two toed metal foot made the ball go vertical and hit the ceiling instead, fortunately no damage to the tile and there was no light in the way.

I believe they are hooking a motor(not straight on but through belts or gearing) on. There is a ratchet on their that cocks it back.

Oh we’ll be ready, one of our goals this year is to go through inspection once, but we’ll see, the students every monday have to rehearse explaining their robot, progress, and etc.
It’s repeatable, the results were consistent, the question is mounting their motor parts, currently they’re making prototype 2A(motor mount & shorter leg).

Overview picture of kicker prototype 2:

Leg broke through 1/4" aluminum bracket:

Using humans as sandbags does not seem like a thoughtful undertaking when such a forceful arm is swinging within inches of the “sandbags”. Especially when there is nothing keeping humans from swaying into the path of the kicker. I think one of the attached photos shows a gouged and bloodied forearm.
Was that due to a human playing the role of a sandbag?

Any fast moving pendulum should typically have safety cages to help prevent accidents. Think safety first, especially when adolescents and cookie rewards are involved.

Maybe cookie bets on beating power/distance records are counterproductive to rational safety assessments.

Just imagine if the were no safety issues and we could all just enjoy the demonstration of engineering acheivement…

There is always next time.

The mentor didn’t hurt himself due to the kicker being used, he scratched it because he leaned on an 80/20 stock and slipped against it. No students got hurt at all this season nor will be, our legal department makes sure we understand liability but they also understand to not be so smothering all the time.

If you think that encouragement of:

  • safety glasses
  • safety cages
  • filing sharp cut metal as soon as its cut before of letting team members lean on it
  • trying to reducing the number of people within inches of 60 FPS metal objects

are suggestions of smothering-

then you and I have totally different ideas of what smothering is.

I am truly glad no students were hurt- I would think the goal would be for all team members to be unbloodied and gouge-free, not just the students.

Maybe liability lawyers in Colorado are totally different than lawyers on the East Coast. I would appreciate if let us know the outcome of your next conversation with your legal department and whether you would volunteer to show them the videos and pictures that were shown here and these posting and your responses.

After you show them the video and pictures, would you be willing to ask the legal department if they would consider ANY or ALL of the suggestions offered in this thread as amounting to be “so smothering all the time”?

CSM Legal thought it was cool, they congratulate the kids and we had fun. Unfortunately I cannot share you our private discussions, FIRST HQ has already made a first bad impression and has shown that they needed to learn not to overstep boundaries, thus why the new consent form and other new private changes that took place at FIRST HQ.
You’re suggestions have been noted and I’ve shared it with the other mentors and students,although what they think and feel about it is up to them.