FRC 2869 - 3 Cube Auto?

We had some auto issues at SBPLI, but before we left were able to accomplish this 3 cube auto.

I’m proud of the team considering it’s the first year we’re attempting a non-drive straight auto. Huge thank you to Alex from 1836 for getting us up and running!! His help can’t be understated.

We’ve spent this entire week tuning it for champs, and hopefully can have some multiple cube autos to show off in Detroit!

Looking good! Good luck in Detroit!

That is amazing!! Can’t wait to see you guys in Detroit! Great job.

17 Cube Switch Auto!

Thank you so much!

Thanks! Your 3 cube auto is one of absolute awe. See you soon!

*19. But in the vault.

Great job! I love that you guys just keep working and improving!

Thank you so much, we appreciate it!

Some nice splines you got there:yikes:


Smiti, awesome work. Great to see your team’s huge improvement this season. This week be a huge asset in Detroit.

195 CyberKnights do the 3 cube auto & that is why they are #1 in NE.