FRC 2881 Lady Cans - 2023 Build Thread

We actually didn’t buy any pre-coiled vacuum tubing for our robot (because we couldn’t find any either), and instead had to make our own. What I believe you are talking about is the coil that hangs under our arm when it’s moving, which is a combination of pneumatic tubing and heat shrink. All we did was take the pneumatic tubing that we wanted to use, and stuck it inside of heat shrink. To add the coil shape, we just wrapped it around a PVC pipe and hit it with a heat gun. This locks the shape in place, and allows it to act just like a spring when moving.

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Loved your 2023 design. What reference material and calculator did y’all use for building the lead screw drive system for the pivoting arm? Looking to see how to pick the right parts without trial and error.

Our approach to selecting lead screws was more based on our desired travel time. We began the 2023 season with this one that went 0.5" per turn. After testing and our first event we switched to a faster 1" per turn lead screw to decrease cycle time. The 1" one was more back drivable, so you may need a brake or more software. Also, we used the same 0.5" lead screw (and the same 3:1 reduction) in 2022, and it was able to comfortably lift our robot with much more complicated mechanisms.

Here are photos of each part. Since we design our robot in Solidworks before building it, this was our way to avoid trial and error.

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Here’s our CAD on the 2023 robot up to week 4 of our 2023 build season. The main difference is the intake, but the lead screw is the same.

Thanks for the lead screw details. How did you attach the pulley to the lead screw? Some kind of set screw or key? I couldn’t tell from the CAD.