FRC 2930 2023 Charged Up CAD and Code Release

Team 2930 is pleased to release our 2023 Charged Up season CAD model and codebase for our robot Rober. The CAD release includes SolidWorks Assembly, parasolid (x.t) and STEP files for the robot in deployed position and in stowed position. If you have any questions or are having trouble opening any of the files, let us know and we will be ready to help!


Amazing robot. We (COMETS) had so much fun running with y’all in elims at champs! Your custom localization algorithm is amazing!


I loved getting to watch this robot on Hopper and even have a chance to compete with y’all! There are plenty of reasons why at least a few Michigan team will be watching the PNW over the coming seasons and 2930 is one of them! On behalf of 573, I certainly hope we cross paths again!


On behalf of 6832 we absolutely loved you guys and your robot as well!!


Thanks to all the WPILib developers who continue to make WPILib more featured, reliable, and easier to use.

A big shout out to team 3061 and @gcschmit for creating 3061-lib.

Thanks to PhotonVision and its many contributors for AprilTag detection. Just as the 2023 season was about to unfold and before the LL3s were available our team chose to opt for running PhotonVision on OrangePis. We took this gamble based on @asid61 excellent setup guide and benchmarks for AprilTag detection. Thank you to the maintainers on the PhotonVision discord who patiently answered questions about PV.

Most of all a huge thank you to team 6328 Mechanical Advantage and @jonahb55 for sharing AdvantageKit and AdvantageScope with the world. The 6328 build thread and the feedback from @jonahb55 were instrumental to our programming success this season.

Team 2930 adopted the 3061-lib framework as an off season project on our 2022 robot. We immediately knew this was the route we wanted to take in 2023. We were already planning to move away from the our previous swerve library to BaseFalconSwerve. Using the 3061-lib got us over the hump and using AdvantageKit. Our team had discussed AdvantageKit, but had not quite figured out how to make the leap. 3061-lib provided the basic project structure we needed to get started.

This prepared us well for the 2023 season. Our programmers kept the momentum out of the 2022 season, through the summer and off season, right into 2023. Engineering got the robot to programming with enough time (just enough time, wew!) to come into our week 1 competition with a collection of good autonomous routines. We were just starting to scratch the surface on what we could do with AdvantageKit. When our students demonstrated how we debug our autonomous using AdvantageKit logging and AdvantageScope (especially the 3d field widget) the event judges eyes would get big and they’d start scribbling down notes at a furious pace. We won our first autonomous award at our week one event.

That first judging experience taught us not to leave anything to chance. We educated everyone who was in the pits to be “judging ambassadors” and to know enough to talk about the robot long enough to get our student experts back in the pits. Our programmers developed a script to make sure we presented all the important information about how our autonomous systems worked. This resulted in our team winning four autonomous awards this year, one at each event we attended. This included winning the autonomous award at the PNW district championships and at worlds on Hopper.


Thank you! We had a fantastic time and lots of fun at Worlds with y’all as well, couldn’t ask for a better alliance captain!

A key part of figuring out our localization system was @Aether’s suggestions on this thread: PhotonVision + SwervePoseEstimator produces wrong pose - #4 by Aether
we noticed significant performance improvements after those additions.


Thank you so much! Scouting your robot and especially getting a chance to play with y’all was an amazing experience. Y’all were amazing to work with. We talked extensively amongst our team about the great driver awareness y’all had and how key you were to executing an amazing match strategy and working as one cohesive alliance.

I personally have always been fond of the Michigan teams, it was such a fun experience getting to meet and compete alongside all of you!

I too hope our teams get a chance to cross paths in the future!

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We appreciate it! It was so much fun competing alongside you guys. It was great getting a chance to get to know you better and cheering alongside you all!

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Beautiful robot.

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2930 Off-Season 2022 Turreted Shooter CAD release.

This was an off-season project we designed and began the manufacture for in limited capacity. It is by no means a fully finished product, but it is close enough that with a few minor tweaks depending on use case it could be added to any 2022 bot- and the turret itself could be modified for any shooting game by changing the diameter and mounting patterns on the mounting plate.

2930 Off-Season Turret and Shooter Design

Please let us know if there are any problems with document viewing- this is also a test of Onshape’s file sharing abilities outside of our team.

Good luck in 2024 everyone!


2930 Off season parts library

This is a collection of parts that were made during the off season that we might want to use in upcoming years.

2930’s part library