FRC 294: Beach Cities Robotics, 2024 CAD Release

FRC 294, Beach Cities Robotics is proud to release the CAD for our 2024 robot: the Quaken!

Special thanks to 5026, 3019, 2659, 4322, 254, and 1323 for such incredible playoff runs!

OnShape CAD Release

We will be participating in one or two off season events in the LA area if you’d like to check out the robot in person and/or chat with the team. We’ll also be hosting an open house at our lab on 9/29 from 2-4pm if you’d like to see our lab setup.

Happy to answer any questions you may have!


Same weekend as Chezy Champs. Hosting a watch party?

We loved playing with you at AZ East. Once again, congrats on your amazing champs run!


294 is the real deal! Fantastic team to work with. Solid cycling but even greater defense that fit our alliance perfectly.

Super stoked we got to play with y’all. You can see in the background of the alliance selection webcast @Tom_Bottiglieri do a huge “f ya” fist pump when we knew we could snag you.

Excited to step through this CAD with our students.


Did you partially pick them because they matched the shade of blue of you guys and Madtown?

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Assuming we hold the date (some movement is possible), that’s a great idea.

@Torrance : Appreciate the vote of confidence and the opportunity to play on the alliance. I just re-watched alliance selection :laughing:

The Newton playoff matches were especially fun strategically as we needed to make a key mid-match adjustment in every match to best support the alliance. I especially liked our 3 match battle against the #2 alliance, where our previous defense enabled us to “defend” while passing in the last match.