FRC 2992 The S.S. Prometheus - Triple Climb and Autonomous Showcase

The S.S. Prometheus is proud to present a showcase of our 2018 robot, Bernoulli. We now have a two-cube autonomous for both left and right switch, as well as a same-side and cross scale auto. We ended up as 5th alliance captain at Arkansas and 2nd alliance captain at Bayou where we lost in the finals. Our triple climb can now lift over 500 pounds and is ready to take on Hopper. Good luck to all teams in our division; see you in Houston!


Thanks! Once again, we really appreciate Fusion letting us practice and film in their facilities. Good luck in Houston!

Looks great!

Are you able to lift just one of your two alliance partners, or do you need both to get on to keep things balanced?

We need both on the ramps to climb. The two robots on each side of us need to be within 30 lb of each other or we are unable to climb. It hasn’t really been a problem in regionals because we have free weights we attached to robots that were too light.

We loved having you guys! I hope that next year we can expand the number of teams taking part in our practice/scrimmages!

Best of luck in Houston, we are not to far away in the pits should you need anything!

It was great almost getting a lift from you at Bayou!

Stupid uneven side face of the scale…

At least they gave us and 7331 a climb and you guys a park. Great job that match!