FRC 3005 code release: 254 Android vision app server and Pathfinder for LabVIEW

Pathfinder for LabVIEW

We’ve added a few hooks into JacisNonsense’s Pathfinder library to allow calling it from LabVIEW, specifically for generating paths. While we ported it with no issue, we ended up going with a simple PID only approach as we weren’t quite able to get the actual following portion to work right.

Usage details can be found in the readme and the example project.

FRC Team 254 Android App Vision Server

This year we wanted to try the phone app developed by Team 254 for offboard vision processing. We’ve created an android and vision server library for LabVIEW, and we were very happy with the results.

The library can be found on our github page here

The project includes an example for pulling target data from the camera. There are also ‘Deploy Tools’ included with the package, but it does not quite work today. The provisioning instructions from the FRC 254 code repository should be used instead.

FRC3005 LabVIEW Code

Our code for 2017 included the android server, and extended it and the phone app to support a ‘sensor’ message which returned the phones angle from the integrated IMU. For pathfinder, we created a simple VI to generate named paths which were automatically copied into our autonomous project.