FRC 3122 and FTC 8005 Website Upgrades


Hey Guys! I am just wanting to announce some website complete redesign and upgrades that we have done! We use WordPress multi site. You can find the FRC website at and the FTC website at Our home page is Please post any feedback/questions that you may have.


You could use an “about the team” page and an “about FIRST” page on both sites.

WP Multisite is a pretty cool tool to use. Wordpress as a whole is very powerful - just make sure to keep it updated.

You should look into removing the “/sites” part of the URL.

The site looks a little plain to me. It needs some pictures!


we did try to remove the sites part of the URL but it caused some issues. Thank you for the feedback about the plainness of the site. I will look into some pictures. The about pages are currently in progress. Thank you for the feed back so far guys! Keep it coming!