FRC 3128 Fall Strategy Workshop Series

Team 3128 is proud to announce our 2023 Strategy Workshop Series!

These will be happening both in person and streamed on our youtube, as well as being archived there to watch later. Heres a list of the workshops, along with a small description of each:

September 30: Charged Up
Introduction to Charged Up, basic strategies, and robot archetypes. This is an ideal intro for new members of a team, especially before offseason events.

October 28: Strategy at Competition
This dives deep into how we organize our department during competitions. There’s a reason that we call the strategy department the competition department, and we want to share some of our experiences and mistakes with everyone. The strategy department prides itself on functioning as a well-oiled machine during competitions. We will go over our department roles, how we prepare for competitions, and touch briefly on scouting, although we will go deeper into our system in a later workshop.

November 18: Design Theory
This workshop analyses our approach to robot design from a strategic perspective. Not just for strategic people, we encourage more technical members to attend this presentation as well.

December 2: Scouting Systems
A deep dive into our scouting systems, what we aim to achieve with it, and how other teams can start their own.

December 9: Past Games
Analyzing past games, how Strat looks at past games to influence our robot design, and a brief overview of our past game database. This presentation would be good for newer members with not much FIRST or FRC experience, getting them exposed to numerous different robot archetypes and ideas before kickoff.


This is amazing, looking forward to it

Just a reminder that all of our workshops will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel, and for those attending in person, here is where the workshops will be held. We hope to see you tomorrow for our workshop on Charged Up!

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it’s going to be great!!

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