FRC 319 - Public CAD 2022

Team 319 Big Bad Bob is proud to present our current 2022 CAD model to the public!

This is a bit of a rebuilding year for the team so we are looking for any and all feed back!
Our current plan is to shoot from against the tower and climb to the 2nd bar. The hope is to eventually perform a maneuver we have coined as a “monkey grab” in order to get to the high bar and eventually the traversal.
Here is the link to the current state of the cad


It looks great! But I would suggest modeling in the bumpers, I’m not sure your orange roller bar will clear them.

oops my bad, its in there just forgot to unhide it

Looks like I was wrong about that. But I do think that you’ll end up bending the hex shaft you have your climber mounted on I’d suggest adding a bearing on the outsides to help retain everything


you are a 100 percent correct, that’s currently on the todo list, we are focusing on finishing the cargo aspect currently since that is higher on our priority list

Out of curiosity are there other teams attempting a similar climb idea?

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It seems as if the Falcons on the climber(rotating elevator) morph inside of the stationary hook box tube.

Hi, are the inner climbing arms installed at a fixed vertical angle? For the outer climbing arms, I spot a motor at a corner which I assume is to power the long shaft and change the angle of the outer arms, if not how do u guys change the angle of the outer arms? Thank you !

yea the idea is that the outer arms will rotate back, our hooks might be oriented wrong currently tho.

So u would want the hook for the outer arms face the opposite way to the inner arms?

I am working on the climber for my team, I think we have the almost identical idea haha. I assume the inner arms are for “hanging”, and the outer arms are for “reaching to the next rung”. When your robot is ready to climb, u would park your robot right under the mid rung, and the vertical arms would hook onto the mid rung, when the robot is hanging on the mid rung, the outer arms would extend and grab onto the next rung and swing the robot right under the next rung, the process repeats for the climb from high to the traverse rung. Am I correct?

Glad to see you guys are still doing Public CAD, even in the midst of a rebuild. Best of luck this season. I might poke around your CAD and ask some questions later!

Do you guys have a plan to implement any pneumatic system on the robot or are you currently designing without one?

Yup! We are! We are also in a similar position of rebuilding this year. The reason why we like this style of climb is because it allowed us to approach everything in steps: first focus on getting to the mid rung consistently, and then once we have something that we know works, we can add on the secondary arms to get to the higher rungs knowing that if we fail to design those, we can always just use the original climber.

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It’s great to still see you guys doing public CAD this year. It still felt like yesterday when we played with you for Granite State in 2020! Best of luck this season.

What is the gear reduction ratio that you designed for the climber pivot? The pivot should be powered by two falcons, right? (I only see one, you might just forget to unhide the other.)

We got the idea for our prototype from this video

Hoping to stay pneumaticless currently, but have ideas to use on our climber and or collector if need be

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Had the very same idea, week one is make sure the middle climb works first and move up from there

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I think we came to have it around 800:1 on two falcons, still working on gear box design tho. Packaging is fun

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looking for some thoughts on how we control our pivot for the climber, not particularly fond of using standoffs to mount the planetaries

Looks like you might be able to flip them and mount them in the hood plates. As far as I can tell that would be clear of the ball path.