Frc 3211 2019 robot CAD

The Y Team FRC Team 3211 present our 2019 DESTINATION: Deep Space robot: PARNASSUS CAD!

Frc 3211 2019 robot CAD

frc 3211 robot gear 2019 CAD

FRC 2019 robot reveal - the Y team 3211

The Y Team Districts Recap 2019

The Y Team frc 3211 2019 israel DCMP recap


What thickness are these plates? I’m not in front of my home computer so don’t have any CAD software on here…

Also, what pneumatic pistons do you use for deploying your intake (bore and stroke length)? They’re not in the CAD

5mm and 2mm, This is what we use in our workshop.

2mm thick aluminium with the defense we got from G3? That’s impressive

Also, thanks for releasing the CAD! You had an amazing robot this year and I absolutely loved seeing it fly across the field

Thank you!!:grinning:
I love your team too!(#frc_3316 D-Bug).

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