FRC 3218 Lift and Grabber -Lift -Grabber

We still have a ways to go but we’re liking how these are looking so far.

Great job! Good looking lift and intake mechanisms. Are you worried about when the bumpers on on, having an issue with the intake not being able to “wiggle” to pick up the power cubes?

Kind of hard to tell from the view, but the intake is above bumper level, so hopefully it won’t be an issue.

I really like your lift, cascades are always great. One question, how high does your grabber reach? One thing we were pretty keen on it making sure we could place atleast 2 cubes high when the scale is tipped against you, which is roughly 8.5 feet. Just something to consider.

Very nice. I have a few questions:
• Are you worried about the boxes hitting the bumper and being pushed away before coming into contact with the outside intake wheel?
• How are you folding the intake for the start of the match so it starts inside the frame perimeter?
• This looks like a cascading lift, but I don’t see what is making the second stage cascade. If it’s a traditional cascading elevator, there should be some kind of belting attached to pulleys on the top and bottom of the first stage, with one side of the belt connected to the top of the base and the other side connected to the second stage. I don’t see said belt/pulleys. Did you do something else, or am I just blind?

(From the video, I am assuming that the intake at rest extends outside of the frame perimeter, but not far enough to go past the bumpers. If this is just parallax, you can ignore the first two questions.)

Sorry for taking so long to respond, kind of swamped this past week. At it’s full height our grabber is just barely not able to reach the scale when it’s tipped against us, at all. Our solution was to tilt the grabber at an angle as it’s brought up, which allows us to eject it upward. I’ll post photos when i can

  1. That shouldn’t be an issue hopefully. There should be a big enough gap for the grabber between the bumpers

  2. We’re still working on that. We might have figured out a solution, but I don’t know too much about it yet. I’ll update once it’s concrete.

  3. I’ll post more pictures showing the belt and pulleys. I don’t know too much about this specific system to be honest, but i’m pretty sure we didn’t do anything different than what you described.

What motors are you using on your lift? I’d bet that you can lower your gear ratio to make it 1.5x-2x faster or so.
Love the grabber btw. Does it handle sideways cubes?

We’re using 2 775’s. I don’t know what gear ratio we have specifically, but we do have 2 different gear ratios for the lift. We’re still debating whether to lift on low or high gear. The grabber can handle sideways

Figured out how to have intake folded at start of match.

Finally got testbot moving and operational, so I took some video of testing the scale.

(for some reason lift wasn’t going all the way up when the 2nd video was taken. Programmers fixed it)

Testing out realigning the cube with grabber

Walked around testbot for closer look at stuff. Wiring will hopefully be a bit more tidy in contest bot

Lift going up and down: