FRC 3467 2012 - 2015 Code Release

Here is a github link to FRC 3467’s repository for programming. It includes all of the code we have written since 2012, and we have used java every year since 2012.

Last year’s code was a little different than previous years, mainly because we lost our lead programmer due to turnover. Because of this, it is very simple, but there are a few neat features:

The 2015 code has a feature where it will not report that the code has “started” until we see that the smart dashboard has connected - which picks our autonomous mode. We accomplish this by extending IterativeRobot.class (ours is IterativeRobotCustom) and not executing the line that tells the FMS the code has started (FRC.ObserveUserProgramStarting()) until we receive a user’s click on a smart dashboard item.

Also, the 2015 code will crash the code (throws an exception) if the driver’s joystick calibrates improperly. When this happens, the LED strip on the driver console lights up bright red and the user needs to restart the code and recalibrate the stick (unplug and plug back in, hit F1). This code also has an implementation of the PulsedLight LIDAR-lite module(v1), and changes the colors of the driver station LEDs according to the distance, which helps us line up at the human feeder station.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask by replying in this thread or PMing me!

In 2016, upon a crash, the robot code will automatically be restarted. Not sure how that affects your implementation.