FRC 3512 Spartatroniks Off Season CAD Release



Team 3512 has been pretty busy the past few months preparing for the 2019 season. Much of that preparation came in the form of revamping the way we do CAD by switching to using GrabCAD and by changing the way we create parts and assemblies to make them more reflexive by using mid plane extrusions/part centering, assembly level mirrors, sketch blocks and more!

Here are some links to our Partner Spaces for the projects we worked on this fall and hope to build on for 2019. I apologize in advance for some the file organization, it is still a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue: :

2018 Off-Season 6 Wheel Chassis, and 8 Wheel Variant

Pixy Cam, AMT 103V Encoder Mount, 3D printed Pulleys

Good luck in 2019 teams!